Bagi Bike

Bagi Bikes

Bagibikes are high quality machines first founded in Israel. It was the first of its kind, becoming one of the first importers in 2010. Beginning in 2004 the founder of Bagibike originally made his 16 year old son a gasoline powered scooter, from there the idea of Bagibike was born. Bagibikes use only the best quality motors combined with some of the most advanced software technology to date.


The Bagi B27 Electric City Cruiser is designed for long rides in comfort. 27.5″ mountain bike tires and hydraulic brakes, means this bike can confidently ride over anything.  A wide leather saddle, and quick adjust handlebars make for a luxurious upright ride. This e-bike is made to be a daily driver.

B27 Trail TRX Electric Mountain bagi bikes E-Bike akron

B27 Trail TRX Electric Mountain Bike

This bike is super comfortable, powerful but efficient electric bike that will get you places fast and in style! Programmable to Clsss 3 – 28 mph top speed with pedal assist and 20 mph with throttle only. These are registered as Class 2 with stickers. The 48v/13ah lithium-ion battery seamlessly integrated into the downtube uses Beyonder 18650 lithium-ion cylindrical cells and allows for up to 55 miles of range per charge*.

B10 Bold Plus Fat Tire Folding E-bike akron bagi bikes


The Bagi B10 Fat Tire is a beast of a machine, that rides silently over any terrain. Fat tires provide a smooth and comfortable ride on road, and a the ability to ride over nearly anything off-road. The B10 is designed to go anywhere, then fold up and fit in the back of the car. It is an e-bike that does it all well.

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