Espin Electric Bikes

Form and function combined together to make a cool, stylish, affordable bike that happens to be electric. Breeze through the hills and traffic while you ride cost-efficiently on Espin bikes in Ohio, leaving the lightest footprint on earth.


If you’re an urban commuter who wants to zip through traffic on a comfortable ride. Admire the Scandinavian inspired design and appreciate a graceful step-through frame that allows you to easily, and safely mount and dismount your ebike anytime you want. Then, you and Flow are going to get on so very fine. Inspired by San Francisco’s fogs, the Espin Flow ebike comes in smoke gray and classic black.


Does an aggressive riding style get you going? Then the Sport is for you. Its mountain bike inspired frame is perfect for your literally energized outing. Take those hills like riding a magic carpet. You’ll only look back to see how far you’ve come — farther and faster than you’ve ever had the chance to max out before. Inspired by a flash of lightning racing through the night sky, the Sport comes in cobalt blue and black.

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